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The Story of Wool


Naturally Resillient


The resiliency of each wool fibre makes an important contribution to the superior apperance retention of wool carpeting.



Each wool fibre has a three-dimensional spiralling crimp which gives it natural elasticity
This elasticity means that a wool fibre can stretch up to 30% more than its original length and then bounce back just like a mini spring
Same reaction when it's compressed. Resilience is something wool is born with
This natural resilience permits wool carpet to withstand all the day-to-day traffic you can give it
Wool carpets can recover easily from the unsightly crush- ing caused from furniture.


Naturally Stain Resistant


The surface of a wool fibre is covered by a thin protective membrane which gives wool an ability to shed water
The membrane protects water from readily penetrating into the individual wool fibres. When you consider that over 80% of carpet stains are water-based, you can begin to realize how important this property is - and how much natural protection is built into your wool carpet
Nature did indeed create wool to be a miracle fibre. That same membrane which is so waterproof still allows the fibre to absorb moisture in vapor form. Because of this absorbency, wool carpets tend to resist static electricity


Naturally Flame Retardant


The high moisture content of the fibre, along with the wool's protein constituents, gives wool carpets excellent natural flame resistance. The wool fibre will not support combustion. It is difficult to ignite and is self - extinguishable.
Charring can be easily brushed away. Thus, as well as being extremely safe, wool carpets retain their appearance even after minor burn damage from fireplace embers or cigarettes


Naturally Perfect For Dyeing


New Zealand wool is naturally the whitest wool in the world with excellent dyeing charact- eristics. Wool's chemical structure ensures that colour is drawn right into the very heart of the fibre, where it becomes locked in a molecular bond. Wool carpets have superior fastness.
The wool fibre's natural affinity for dyestuffs makes possible a myriad of colours and design combinations
Wool is an opaque fibre. Wool carpet hides dirt particles which would otherwise be more noticeable due to the effect of reflected light



Naturally Resistant To Soil & Dirt


If you look at a wool fibre under a microscope, you can see that its structure is made up of overlapping scales, arranged much like roof shingles
These scales keep dust and dirt near the surface of the pile, where it can be easily released by vacuuming. Fiber abrasion is also minimized with wool carpeting because relatively few soil particles actually reach the base of the pile....yet another factor which contributes to the superior appearance retention of wool carpets.



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